David H. Nguyen lives in Houston Texas where he works as a Director, but also ventures to LA and NYC when duty calls. His experience came from the back ground of Fine Art Painting, which he got his degree from University of Houston. worked his way up in the film industry from a PA to director. self taught film maker, used fine art as creative process move to photographer as a mechanical art from, then later translated photography into a moving picture. He a good foundation of art is the kind to success in any form of art. He is not here to win away but just to create good project that is enjoyable and understand the human condition. Along the way, David have meet and work with very important and influence people. 

David have work with many record label and artist like from Travis Scott to Gucci Mane. Range from local to International broadcast production and advisement from Adidas to Coach. David Nguyen work can be view from America to over sea China.

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